To establish 5280 Window as the premier company in speed and quality for Window Repair Service in the greater Denver metro area, manifested by referrals and repeat customer business. 5280 Window accomplishes our mission by: Growing and maintaining energy that benefits our relationships with internal and external customers for sustained profits. Partnering with confident and competent individuals and organizations that are committed and contribute to the short and long term profitability of the company. We start at home and within ourselves, being responsible and holding ourselves accountable to excellence and the values of the company.

OUR LOCATION: 686 S Taylor Avenue, Unit 102, Louisville, CO 80027                  RESIDENTIAL: (720) 431-8783             MULTI-FAMILY: (720) 431-8783



Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, 5280 Window is the premier mobile provider for Glass and Window Services, working exclusively with Management Company Professionals, homebuyers and sellers, Contractors, Investers, Window Manufactures and other decision makers and their teams.

The 5280 Window Team offers speed and quality since 1979 from Boulder to Castle Rock and surrounding mountain communities.

When buying or selling your house your property is easily judged by first impressions. The 5280 Window Team will help you fast and efficiently fix your foggy, cracked, leaking or non-functioning windows and screens; common road-blocks to a lease or sale of your property.  Having personal experience as a Homeowners, Investors and Property Managers, our understanding of these different roles help us relate to your needs.  You will feel good in putting your project in our hands. 5280 Window technicians are comfortable working in low- income housing, multi-million dollar estates, and everything in between.

5280 Window / Wilson Service Glass is proud to be among Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter Referral List, BBB, AAMD, National Glass Association, and Affiliates to Historic and non-profit organizations.

Jerry Wilson founded Wilson Service Glass in 1979 which grew into the 5280 Window of today. Francisco Sanchez currently runs day-to-day operations and is responsible for the expansion of our business, embracing new lines of products and services and making them available to you at affordable prices.

5280 Window is proud to announce that in September 2017, we were purchased by True View Windows & Glass of Colorado. Offering a seamless transition for all existing customers and a broader selection of repairs and installation.

We make practical use of the latest in computer technology and communications to optimize the service requests you give us.