New Window Screens

5280 Window Repair can replace any window screen in your home with a duplicate of your existing screen. If your screen frame is damaged or bent, the most cost effective solution is a new screen. In most cases we can match the color of your screen frame and can provide you with the mesh that suits your needs.

We offer the standard aluminum or fiber mesh, as well as more specialized solar mesh, pet mesh, and BetterVue mesh. Solar mesh cuts down on the harsh UV rays entering into your home. Pet mesh is made of a stronger, close knit screen material, which still allows plentiful visibility but prevents your pets from damaging your screens so easily. BetterVue mesh offers a more clear view of the outside world, while still effectively keeping insects from entering your home. Let BetterVue mesh help you get the most out of your Colorado view!

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We offer fiber mesh, aluminum mesh, solar mesh, pet mesh and Better Vue mesh. Solar mesh keeps the harmful UV rays from entering your home. Pet mesh is made of a stronger, close knit material that allows plenty of visibility yet keeps the screen from being damaged by your pets. Better Vue mesh provides you clearer views with enhanced insect screen performance.

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