Low-E Coating

Low-E (short for Low Emissivity) is a coating that is applied to glass for the purpose of reducing the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light rays from coming into the home. Ultraviolet light is what causes fabrics, wall coverings, and other interior materials to fade. Infrared light is what transmits heat into a building. Low-E glass therefore not only reduces the damage to materials inside your home from UV rays but also makes your home much more energy efficient, as it reflects the interior temperatures back inside, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in summertime.

While a Low-E coating effectively reduces the UV and infrared rays passing through the glass, the amount of visible light entering the home isn't compromised.  We offer a standard Low-E coating, as well as a High Performance Low-E coating, for an even stronger protection against UV and infrared rays. Low-E glass can be added to any new double or triple pane glass for your window or sliding glass door. It can also be added to new storm windows.


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1", 1/2", 1/4", 3/4"


Dark, Light, Medium, None

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